Tips to Capture the Perfect Christmas Photo

Tips to Capture the Perfect Christmas Photo

We’ve all seen the embarrassing Christmas family photo albums and cringed as we thought ‘what were they thinking?!’ or perhaps we’ve been involved in our own Christmas photo mishaps – eek! Whilst in 2015 we’re far more accustomed to an Instagram filter than going #nofilter in our favourite festive snaps, capturing the perfect Christmas photo needn’t be a tricky task to get right. From nailing the pre-photo preparation to finding inspiration and mastering the now infamous family group shot we’ve put together some tips to ensure your photo screams fab not drab!

Finding Inspiration
Thanks to Pinterest finding inspiration for your Christmas photoshoot has become a lot easier and whether you want a traditional vibe, are in it for the laughs or want to dress up the family as your favourite film characters you won’t be caught short of ideas. If you’re planning on using your photo for your annual family or work Christmas card then get creative and think outside the box to help add that wow factor to your card. Amp up the cuteness too and incorporate pets and little ones, it’ll make the memory even more special to look back on.

The more preparation you do for your festive photoshoot, the better it will be. If you’re planning on taking your photos outside of your own home then make sure you’ve scouted out the perfect location and your backdrop is magical. If you’re planning on snapping your photo outside then make sure you have a rainy day option too! Lighting is key when taking photos so make sure there’s enough light so that you get your shot just right. If not then make sure you have a strong enough flash or invest in some artificial lighting. Don’t forget to make sure your camera is charged up too and that you’ve left enough space on your memory card to take all the photos you want. There’s nothing worse than getting all set up for a photoshoot and realising you’ve forgotten something or haven’t charged everything up enough.

Photobooth Style Props
Photo booths are still having a moment and whilst we may be scarred for life by the type in our local post office, fun and quirky photo booths are a great way to add a fun element to your photo. After all it is Christmas so let the good times roll! Fortunately, you don’t need to hire out an actual party photo booth to get your comedic shots as many high street and online stores now stock photo prop packs. There are also plenty of free photo booth printables online too so you don’t need to spend a penny either. So, pick out your festive favourites, whether you choose the Rudolph red nose or Santa hat is up to you!

‘That’ Group Shot
Perhaps the pièce de résistance in your photoshoot portfolio will be the group shot. From including friends, family and you second cousin twice removed to trying to get pets and babies play ball, the group shot is probably the hardest photo to master each year. Casual shots often work best, however remember not to force the casual shot either. Often when you say to someone act natural they do anything but, so set your camera to timer and chat away with guests, crack a few jokes and take a look at the outcome. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect that’s part of the fun. These top tips should hopefully help you take the perfect Christmas photo and if your photos leave little to be desired then there’s always Photoshop! Don’t forget to present your photos too, whether you’re giving your photos as a gift or simply displaying your photos at home then a wooden USB presentation box will show off your festive snaps for all to enjoy.